The “Wine Country” is known locally as “Cuyo”, from the Mapuche word meaning “Country of Sand”. Stretching east from the highest Andes to hot dry plains, with lush oases in the valleys between, the provinces of Mendoza, San Juan and La Rioja offer some of the country’s most spectacular natural beauty.
There are three main areas: the high mountains on the west (with many of the highest mountains in the western hemisphere, like Mts. Aconcagua), the huge arid plains on the east, and the irrigated oases with crops, full of life in the center (where the agricultural activity and urban centers are located).
Mendoza is the leading producer of wine in Argentina. These vineyards benefit from the perfect climate: cool nights and warm dry days. It is possible to lodge and visit some of them, enjoy wine tastings and their gourmet restaurants.
Other activities in the area include trekking and climbing the high Andes, river rafting and horseback riding