Buenos Aires is known as the most European city of South America. However, you can enjoy absolutely local passions, such as the tango danced in the milongas, the euphoria of football matches, and the steaks grilling on parrillas all over the city. Buenos Aires’ inhabitants are known as Porteños. Sharp witted, fast moving, fashion conscious, and energetic – their legendary nightlife is only just starting in the early hours. The city’s streets are filled with cafés and restaurants.
Buenos Aires architecture is characterized by its eclectic nature, with elements resembling Barcelona, Paris and Madrid. There is a mix, due to immigration, of Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Neo-Gothic and French Bourbon styles.
It is a cultural city per excellence, where you can choose activities connected to tango, art exhibitions, antiques, music & theater, gourmet & wines.

The Argentinean Pampas (endless plains with beautiful skies) are the home of the 'Gaucho', the original South American cowboy.
Argentina’s estancias (mostly owned today by descendants of the founding families), range from colonial mansions to simple working farms. Riding a horse across the pampas, and tasting a real asado with home produced beef cooked over an open fire is an unforgettable experience.